10 Can’t Miss Things At Disneyland

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10 can't miss things at Disneyland

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We’re just about four weeks away from our Disneyland trip and the excitement just keeps growing! My mom and I are doing a grown-up only three day trip, perfectly timed over my birthday and the Halloween celebrations. Since we’re spending three full days there and don’t have a kiddo to worry about, we know we can pack a lot in to our trip. This is our first time going during Halloween, so we have a lot of new things on our list of what we want to do, but there are also the classic things that we just HAVE to do during each trip.

Here are all of the can’t miss things you have to do in Disneyland, whether it’s your first time or your fiftieth!

Get A Dole Whip

If you haven’t had Disneyland’s famous Dole Whip yet, then you’re seriously missing out. This is one of our first stops when we get to the park because we spend the majority of the year craving one. If you don’t know what a Dole Whip is, it’s basically pineapple flavored soft serve. You can also get it as a float with fresh pineapple juice poured on top. Even if you’re only at Disneyland for a couple of hours, you have to stop at the Tiki Bar and get a Dole Whip!

Maps & Souvenir Buttons

When you get to the park, head over to City Hall and grab some maps and a souvenir button. If you’re celebrating for any reason, you can get a free button that shares your celebration with others! You can get a 1st visit button, a birthday button, an anniversary button, and lots of others. If there’s not a button that fits what you’re celebrating, you can get one that just says “I’m celebrating” and fill it in. You can do lots of cute and easy DIY crafts with both the maps and the buttons, and since they’re totally free, it makes sense to get them each time!

Peter Pan’s Flight

While the wait time for this ride is usually the longest in the park, it’s totally worth it. You’ll get on board your very own pirate ship and fly through London and Neverland while experiencing the story of Peter Pan. The details of the ride are impeccable and make it truly the most magical ride in the entire park. It’s not the ultimate ride for adventure seekers, but it’s the best for anyone who wants to experience some of the magic of Disney!

Just note, there are no fast passes for Peter Pan’s Flight. If you want to try to beat the usual wait time, get there when the park opens and make this your first stop!

Peter Pan's Flight Disneyland

Trade A Pin

Even if we decide not to focus on pin trading while we’re visiting Disneyland, we have to trade at least one pin while we’re there. It’s so special having a pin we really love from each trip!

If you’re asking yourself what pin trading is, it’s a fun thing you can do within the park and at various hotels and outside locations. You start by buying a few Disney pins and then you can trade your pins with cast members. Cast members have pins that you often can’t buy and some are even special edition or really rare.

If you decide you want to try pin trading or have already started, I so highly recommend getting pins on eBay before you go! You can buy 50 pins for under $25 which is a serious deal compared to pins in the park. One pin at the park can be upwards of $15 and the cheapest pin at the park is a mystery pin that’s still more than $5. Buying 50 pins for $25 on eBay means that you’re paying $0.50 per pin!! That’s such a steal. Just remember that it’s okay if you don’t like any of them that you get from eBay… the whole purpose is to trade them for special ones that you DO like!

Space Mountain

After you experience the magic of Peter Pan’s Flight, you have to hop on over to Space Mountain for a fun thrill ride! Space Mountain is such a classic Disneyland ride and perfect for anyone who likes speed. This is a ride unlike anything else I’ve ever been on, which makes it a must do every time we visit the park. Just prepare for some immersive darkness and get ready for the thrill of having no idea what direction the ride will take you.

The wait for Space Mountain can also be quite long, so get a Fast Pass and come back to beat some of the wait!

The Four Figures of Fortunes

One fun (and almost free) thing to do at Disneyland is visit the Four Figures of Fortunes. If you don’t know what these are, they’re fun fortune tellers (think of the fortune teller machine in the movie Big) that are sprinkled throughout the park.

Right on Main Street in the Penny Arcade is Esmeralda. She looks like your typical fortune teller, and if you give her a quarter she’ll give you a printed fortune with your lucky numbers.

Over in New Orlean’s Square, you’ll find Fortune Red who is a pirate straight out of Pirate’s of the Caribbean. Give him a quarter and he’ll tell you your fortune and print it on a card.

In Adventureland you’ll find Shrunken Ned who is a doctor that will prescribe you a perfect cure. There’s no quarter needed to get the prescription that you need from him!

Last but not least, also in Adventureland, you’ll find Aladdin’s Other Lamp. For two quarters, you can rub the lamp and the Genie will read your future.

Eat A Corn Dog

I know people will argue forever about the most iconic Disneyland foods and which ones you just have to get. There’s the Mickey pretzel, the Mickey ice cream, the Mickey waffle, and so much more.  Forget all of that (except maybe the pretzel) and focus on the Dole Whips and corn dogs. Maybe it’s just us, but we can’t leave Disneyland without a corn dog! It may be because we can’t get a good corn dog anywhere near us, but they’re always perfectly cooked and a great quick meal to eat as you walk through the park.

Ride the Train

The Disneyland Railroad train is a must while you’re in the park! It’s the perfect little break after you’ve been on your feet for a few hours and you get to see sites you’d otherwise miss. Not only do you get views of the Grand Canyon, but you also get to see the Land of Dinosaurs.

As an added bonus, the train makes four different stops throughout the park so you don’t have to go full circle. You can hop on board in Tomorrowland and get off on Main Street. It’s a fun mode of transportation and the perfect way to take a break while still enjoying Disney!

It’s A Small World

The last of the can’t miss rides is It’s A Small World. While the music may get stuck in your head for the rest of eternity, the ride is a serene getaway from the busy nature of Disneyland. It has hundreds of worldly characters in traditional outfits, while also sneaking in actual Disney characters. If you watch closely, you’ll see Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, Cinderella, Mulan, Lilo and Stitch, Aladdin and Jasmine, and more. Plus, this ride is air conditioned heaven so it’s the perfect place to cool down on hot days!

It's A Small World Disneyland

Firework Show

Of course you can’t miss the Disneyland firework show! If you have the option to be in the park at night, stopping for a few minutes to watch the show is totally worth it. With classic Disney music and Tinkerbell flying through the sky, the whole atmosphere is dreamy and magical. As each firework shoots over the castle, you’ll feel the magic of Disney and it’ll be the perfect end to your day at the park!

What other can’t miss things at Disneyland am I missing? Share in the comments!

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Can't Miss Things At Disneyland
Can't Miss Things At Disneyland