8 Things No One Tells You About Owning A Dog

August 26, 2018 Off By Jess

owning a dog

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Nothing beats having a furry friend to greet you after a rough day of adulting. There’s something about getting your face licked by friendly slobber before they run in excited circles around your feet waiting for you to sink into the sofa so that they can join you for Netflix and cuddles. That’s the dream right there, and it’s the epitome of how to de-stress. That’s the picturesque moment all wannabe puppy-owners dream about when they are thinking of getting a pooch.

If this pretty much sums up your idea of having a doggo best friend, you might want to take a moment and press that pause button. Don’t worry, I’m not going to say owning a dog is a bad idea. I’m just going to share some of the things I wish I had known before getting a dog.

When we got our great dane as a puppy, I had no idea how truly hard having a tiny puppy would be. I remember saying so many times how much easier raising a newborn child is compared to a puppy. Then when I adopted my best friend doggo who was already potty trained, there was just a whole new set of challenges. Knowing what you’re getting yourself into will help you make an informed decision about whether owning a dog will work with your lifestyle.

Trust me, you don’t want to find out you can’t go on any more late night outings, leap on any last-minute getaways, or never get to sleep in again AFTER you’ve gotten a new furry friend. So here are the things no one tells you about owning a dog:

Endless Poo

Humans have the advantage of going potty in a toilet, but when dogs poo, they do it wherever they like. When they’re puppies, this could be your white carpets or your new sofa. Then once they’re trained, it will be places like the sidewalk, the park, and other people’s driveway. Whatever the case, you have to pick this sssshh up and there is no cute or subtle way to pick up poo. Plus, if you live in an apartment, you’ll be doing this multiple times a day because you don’t want to be the neighbor everyone hates for not picking up after their dog.

P.S. Even well trained dogs are going to have accidents sometimes. Whether their tummy gets upset or they get off schedule one day, there’s going to be times you’ll be cleaning up messes inside your home. Don’t think you can skip house accidents by adopting an older dog instead of a puppy!

They Eat Everything

Remember that day you got a promotion and you went out to treat yourself to something overly-expensive and fancy? Well, that beautiful handbag is suddenly in the firing line when you have a doggo and it may get a tooth-marked makeover. This is for sure a bummer because no store is going to accept “my dog turned it into a chew toy” as a legitimate reason for a refund or exchange.  

My doggo quite literally eats anything and everything. I can’t tell you how many books have been shredded, how many tupperwares and spatulas have become plastic confetti, and how many shoes and bags have chew marks. It doesn’t matter how many toys he has or how distracted we try to keep him, he will find something to chew on that he shouldn’t.

Things Get Awkward

You can just imagine it now… You’ve been on date number three with your work crush, you enjoy a romantic meal at some restaurant, head back to your house for a drink and then have to battle an awkward silence as your pup refuses to refrain from licking himself. They don’t care about your love life, social life, or company in general. Their innate ability to not give a h*ck will create some awkward scenarios, whether it be at home, at the pet store, the park, or somewhere else.

I can’t tell you how many times we’ve been watching a tv show or a movie and it gets to an emotional scene, and all you can hear is my doggo licking himself or the carpet. It gets really awkward really quick!


Dog Hair Everywhere

Maybe, just maybe, there will be an HGTV show brave enough to claim dog hair as a design trend one day. Until then, you’re going to have to stock up on a serious amount of lint rollers and invest in a good vacuum because this stuff gets everywhere. You’re going to need a lint roller in your bedside drawer, your car, your office, your backpack, your everywhere. Seriously.

I’m pretty sure this is the number one thing my husband hates about having a dog, and there’s not much you can do about it if you have a shedder. Thankfully we have a super great (and affordable) pet vacuum that is a total badass at sucking up all of the dog hair around our house. The suction is powerful enough that it requires some serious strength to vacuum our rugs, and it works on both hardwood and carpet floors!

Vet Trips

Dogs are pretty susceptible to a lot of things. Whether it’s cataracts in dogs, bad hip joints, smelly breath, or swallowing a tennis ball, there’s always going to be reasons to see your vet. Not to mention, those are just some of the obvious things. Unless you can talk dog, you won’t have any way of knowing what is wrong with them.

Just this year, we’ve seen our normal vet five times and the emergency vet hospital three times. With regular check ups, updates on vaccinations, ear infections, emergency surgery, and ingesting people medicine, we’re basically best friends with our vets now.

If you plan on owning a dog, not only should you be prepared for the time that goes into taking them to the vet and keeping them healthy, but you have to be prepared for the expense of it also. Vet bills are not cheap, and they are totally necessary for your furry friend.

Dinner Etiquette Changes

Once upon a time, eating meant sitting at a table and using your knife and fork in what was a semi-civilized manner. Once you bring a dog into the equation, you’re going to have to get used to eating while holding your plate above your head. Not to mention, that’s just part of the battle. You’re also going to want to find somewhere secure you can leave your garbage before you leave your home so that your trash doesn’t get strewn everywhere.

One of our dogs has absolutely no interest in people food but our other dog is a legit scavenger. You’d think he’s never been fed a day in his life by the way he acts around people food. After multiple days of him opening cupboards to get to the trash, we had to add baby proofing latches to our cupboards!

You’ll Be Totally Ignored

There’s a combination of being totally ignored while also getting more attention than ever. Remember when you used to be able to walk through the park without any interruptions? Those days are over. People will come over and give your doggo all the compliments they can think of. They’ll pet them and ask about their breed and age, all without once glancing up at you. You won’t be able to take them anywhere without being stopped multiple times so they can be showered in love and attention by complete strangers. It’s not just strangers though. Family and friends who come over to see you, will actually be coming over to see your doggo.

When we first had our great dane puppy, we were stopped every three seconds for people to pet her and ask all of the questions about her. Now that she’s grown, we still get stopped everywhere for people to comment on her incredible size. Plus, we’ve had friends ask to come over JUST to pet and cuddle her for awhile.


Spontaneity Is Gone

Once you have a doggo to take care of, you have to be a lot more intentional with your plans. You can’t take any last minute vacations without figuring out if someone can pet sit or if a boarding facility has space for your furry friend. You can’t randomly decide to stay out late with friends because your doggo will be at home feeling lonely and hungry. Plus, they’ll probably have an accident if they’re not let out in time.

Before having dogs, it was easy for us to take last minute trips to the beach or to stay out late shopping or seeing a movie or whatever. Now, our last minute trips to the beach have to be planned (making them not last minute) and if our boarding facility doesn’t have space, we can’t go. Late night fun is basically a no unless we want to come home to a mess we have to clean up and a doggo who’s mad that he’s spent the night alone. Trust me, spontaneity is basically gone!

But They’re The Best

All of that being said, having a doggo best friend really is the best. The Netflix and cuddling totally makes up for the endless poo, excessive vacuuming, and expensive vet trips. I wouldn’t trade my pooch for anything!

Do you have a doggo? What’s something you wish you had known before you got them? Share in the comments!

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owning a dog