Things Every 20 Something Year Old Needs To Know

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Things Every 20 Something Needs To Know

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Isn’t life easy when you’re young and don’t have any responsibilities? Everything you could ask for is provided for you, and if you do know how to do something, then it’s a cause for celebration. When you’re older, no-one’s impressed when you know something because you’re expected to know everything.

There’s an upside to learning the things that you should know though. Having necessary adulty knowledge prevents you from worrying so much and it protects you from finding yourself in unfortunate situations. Here are four things that everyone who’s twenty-something and above really should understand.

You’re Doing Just Fine (Probably)

Oh, the number of people who hit something of a crisis when they’re in their twenties. One day, everything’s fine and then the next you’re worried that you’re failing to live up to certain standards. Whether it’s being far enough along in your education, getting your foot in the door of a good career, buying a house, having kids… The list is endless and the expectations are often way too high. It’s an unsettling feeling!

It’s worth remembering that everyone is on a totally different path and no one has all the answers. In fact, most people have virtually none of the answers. We’re all just winging it, so chances are, you’re doing just fine! If you’ve got some areas of your life in order, then don’t stress too much. It’s not worth it.

P.S. Even if you don’t have areas of your life together, what’s the rush? You still have plenty of time to figure all the things out.

The Meritocratic System

The system that puts the stress of living up to certain societal standards is the one that we live our life by. The meritocratic system rewards people for their intelligence and hard work. If you’ve been well educated, have connections, and are willing to work, the system will reward you. The promise of reward is what puts that pressure on us to do all the things and succeed at all the things.

What you need to know is that this system is a game and you’re a player in that game. You can use the system to your advantage, as long as you don’t skip the hard work. One of the biggest pressures this system puts on us is to get a college degree, but we can’t all afford college and student loan debt can cripple finances. If you skip the degree, know that you can gain immense knowledge on your own terms (and basically for free) from reputable websites like edX. Use that knowledge to create your own connections. Put your best effort into your work and show that you’re hungry for more knowledge, and you’ll be working the system to your advantage.

You’re Not Alone

People in their twenties get into the habit of thinking that society is nothing but a curse, but that’s not true. It’s a blessing and a curse. Sometimes it’s annoying and sometimes it’s very handy. While you’re in your twenties, you should learn how to use the benefits of society when necessary. This involves knowing the process of dealing with the police, getting an attorney, finding a primary care doctor you trust, finding groups of like-minded people to spend time with, and so on. These systems and services are set up for a reason, and in the times when you feel alone, these are the things you should fall back on.

Finances Are Important

Many people spend their twenties having adventures, creating memories, and racking up an expensive credit card bill. At some point in your twenties, you should understand that your finances really are important and that there are long-term benefits to getting them in order. It’s never too late to start working towards a healthier financial picture. Even when you’re getting out of debt and tracking your expenses, there’s still time for plenty of time for adventures and memories.  So carry on enjoying life while you focus on your finances!

What’s the best advice you got or have gotten in your twenties? Share in the comments!

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