4 Ways Parenthood Makes You A Better Person

August 6, 2018 Off By Jess

4 ways parenthood makes you a better person

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As soon as we find out that we’re pregnant, we’re told how much it will transform us. We’re shown exactly what will happen to us as we carry our baby and we’re given details on both the physical and emotional transformations that occur. While these changes during pregnancy may be enormous (you can never really prepare for how it feels to grow another human inside of you) it also pales in comparison to the transformative experience of parenthood itself.

Parenthood makes us different people. It changes us psychologically in the blink of an eye. It literally reorders our cognitive processes and alters our brain chemistry causing us to think, feel, and act in different ways. Often times, us parents are nothing if not cripplingly insecure perfectionists, demanding the best of ourselves and always worrying that we’ve come up short. The truth is though, we’re all basically superheroes. With this in mind, here are just some of the ways parenthood makes us better people.

You Become A Lot More Patient

Remember how you used to get so worked up when someone cut ahead of you in line at the grocery store or when you really needed to copy something at work only to find that someone else was using the machine? How did you even survive? It’s a miracle you didn’t work yourself up into a nervous breakdown. It seems like we spend years with a sense of urgency to get things done. Parenthood changes that.

Everything from listening to your kiddo say “mom” four hundred times a day to having them take an hour to do a one minute task by themselves tests our patience. Surprisingly, the patience usually wins! Parenthood makes us realize that there’s chaos in the world (and our homes) and that it’s okay. The chaos is sometimes even beautiful. You become a lot better at accepting the things you can’t change and using patience to keep yourself sane without ever becoming complacent.

You Gain Valuable Perspective

Parenthood teaches us what really matters. It stops us from getting all worked up about the small stuff and focuses us on what’s really important. Our jobs and the inherent workplace drama become trivial. Material things don’t seem to have nearly as much value. Even money, while it doesn’t become any less necessary, starts to feel less important. Instead what motivates us is family, love, and teaching the tiny life in your care how to grow up to be an awesome person

I would guarantee that the majority of parents would give up everything for their child, even if they do have a prestigious job, the nicest possessions, or a huge sum of money. None of those things matter in comparison to the love you for your child, and that’s something that can be hard to comprehend before parenthood.

You Focus More On Safety

Once you become a parent, your idea of safety shifts entirely. You take driving so much more seriously. You start looking at common household items as dangers to your kiddo. You consider how dangerous playground equipment can be. You over think the temperature of foods and bath water. Overall, you become a pro at hazard protection, whether you’re driving down the road or playing at the playground. Parenthood makes you a better, safer, and more aware person… and makes you extremely critical of those who are not.

You Become A Serious Multitasker

Parenthood seems to unlock new reserves of energy and focus that you never even thought possible before your kids were born. It makes you a multitasker of epic proportions. You learn how to manage your time with serious efficiency. Sometimes I sit back and watch my husband doing six things at once and I wonder how anyone could possibly do that. Then I remember it’s just the power of parenthood, and he’s just a superhero of the ordinary variety (still impressive though).

What are the ways parenthood has changed you for the better? Share in the comments!

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