Life Skills To Perfect In Your Twenties

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Life Skills To Perfect In Your Twenties

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Some may argue that your twenties are the best decade of your life. You’re no longer a child, so you can do whatever you want. You’re free to make mistakes and learn as you go. You can take the time to learn about yourself and set yourself up for where you want to be later on in life.

Even with its advantages, it’s not all sunshine and butterflies. The independence can be difficult to deal with at times. You’re having to handle things as an adult, without the security of your family to fall back on. Feeling like you have no idea what you’re doing is way too common. No matter how much your parents or teachers or anyone tries to prepare you for adulthood, you’re never really prepared for that feeling of being on your own.

This is the time to learn how to do the important things before you’re expected to do the adult thing really well. Here are some of the life skills that you should master in your twenties:

The Basic Life Skills

You guys, this is the time to master all of the basic life skills that don’t seem important. Learn how to sew a button, iron a shirt, write a check, have an emergency kit, wrap gifts, and all of the other little things. These are all things you’ll need to know at some point, and you never know exactly when. I promise you the first time your power is out for three days in the middle of a snowstorm, you’ll be glad you have an emergency kit with flashlights and batteries in the back of your closet.

Manage Your Money

Whether you earn a little or a lot, it’s important to know how to manage your finances. Learn how to live under your means, keep track of your expenses, and follow a budget. It will keep you from overspending or missing important payments. Learn about your credit score so that you can build it up and avoid anything that will lower it.

As a twenty-something, your earnings usually aren’t as good as they will be later in life. However, this is the decade for getting yourself ahead. If you’re smart about saving money now, you can set yourself up for a much more financially secure future.

  • Start saving for retirement, even if your company doesn’t offer a 401(k) plan. It can be worth meeting with a wealth management company to make sure your money is being put to its best use.
  • Set up a saving account that you regularly add money into. Not only is this helpful in the event of financial emergencies, it’s also beneficial down the road when you’re ready to buy a house or pay for children’s college tuition.

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Feed Yourself

This doesn’t mean driving to McDonald’s or microwaving taquitos. During your twenties, you should start getting on board with cooking. Learn different recipes, try out new ingredients, take a cooking class, and educate yourself about food and nutrition. You don’t need to be a Michelin star chef, but having a number of tasty and healthy recipes you can cook is a good thing.

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Have Career Goals

In your twenties, you might cycle through a few different jobs while you’re navigating the world and trying to find your way. Whether you graduated university or went straight into the world of work, it’s useful to have some idea of where you want your career to go. This way you can start taking steps towards setting and reaching your goals.

This might mean getting further educated, volunteering, or gaining experience by working in related roles. It’s important to be flexible with your career goals because it’s totally reasonable to think that you may change your mind or take a different path along the way. But having some idea of what you’d like to be doing and how you can go about it is important.

What are other life skills that are important to master before you leave your twenties? Share in the comments!

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Life Skills To Perfect In Your Twenties