Blog Income Report – March 2018

Blog Income Report – March 2018

April 1, 2018 Off By Jess

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March was my fifth month of blogging, and it ended up being a really motivating month! If you read my February income report, then you know that I have a long-term goal of reaching 1000 followers across all of my social media accounts, and I wanted to improve my Instagram feed. Also, I wanted to increase my affiliate income to $20 and land a paid post opportunity. Check out how the month turned out:

March Stats

Here’s what my numbers looked like at the end of February:

Blog Posts: 35
Monthly Views: 2,965
Monthly Visitors: 2,198
Newsletter Subscribers: 395
Facebook Followers: 829
Pinterest Followers: 652
Twitter Followers: 533
Instagram Followers: 405

Here’s what my numbers looked like at the end of March:

Blog Posts: 42 (+7)
Monthly Views: 10,570 (+7605)
Monthly Visitors: 3,784 (+1586)
Newsletter Subscribers: 462 (+67)
Facebook Followers: 907 (+78)
Pinterest Followers: 832 (+180)
Twitter Followers: 586 (+53)
Instagram Followers: 458 (+53)

Holy cow, you guys! My views and visitors exploded this month! Not to mention, I had another huge increase in Pinterest followers. The biggest referrer for my traffic was Pinterest, and I think a big portion of my success was due to the Pinterest Ninja eCourse and my dedication to Pinterest threads in various Facebook groups that I’m part of. Overall, I’m so impressed by my numbers this month, and I still can’t believe that I tripled my page views!

Blog Income

Here’s what my blog income for February looked like:

Affiliate: $12.36
Ads: $1.08
Collaborations: $50.00

Total: $63.44

Here’s what my blog income for March looked like:

Affiliate: $133.98 (+$121.62)
Ads: $10.46 (+$9.38)
Paid Posts: $95.00 (+$45.00)

Total: $239.44 (+$176.00)

Ahhh! This has been my best income month so far, and it’s even more exciting because I finally broke even on all of my blogging expenses and made money this month! Setting the income aside though, I got more than nine times more click-throughs on just one affiliate platform this month, which is a huge jump from last month. As a whole, I think I’m finally getting the hang of affiliate marketing and I’m really interested to see how April goes.

Also, I hit my goal of getting a paid post opportunity! This was definitely a big portion of my income this month, and I’m hoping I can keep getting these opportunities.

Resources I Use

I use some seriously great resources to help me grow my blog like this. My fifth-month stats compared to even just my fourth-month stats show so much growth and improvement. If you look at my first-month stats compared to my fifth-month stats, it’s seriously mind blowing how big of a jump I’ve made. I definitely couldn’t get growth like that on my own. Here are my best resources for growing my blog:

Pinterest Ninja eCourse

The Pinterest Ninja eCourse offered by Megan from Love. Family. Health. is incredible! It has helped me change some of my strategies in ways that have shown incredible results in just a couple of weeks. I started implementing the strategies in mid-February, so you can see how much my numbers have grown since really putting the information to use!

You can read all about why I love this (super affordable) eCourse here or you can head over to Megan’s blog to get it and start implementing new Pinterest strategies today!


Tailwind is a pin scheduling tool for Pinterest. I use it to schedule other people’s pins to the various boards I have and to participate in Tribes (similar to group boards). Additionally, they provide incredible analytics for Pinterest that are SO helpful. The analytics that they provide help eliminate a lot of second guessing that I was doing before signing up with Tailwind. Again, there are a ton of different ways that you can use Tailwind, but those are my strategies for it.

You can sign up for a free trial of Tailwind here.


Boardbooster is also a pin scheduling tool for Pinterest, but it’s completely different than Tailwind. I use it to schedule my pins for group boards that I’m part of, and to loop my pins in my Just Me Growing Up and Products I Recommend boards. There are a lot of different ways that you can use Boardbooster, but I stick with these two strategies.

UPDATE: Pinterest banned the use of Boardbooster so I exclusively use Tailwind now. Tailwind is a Pinterest approved scheduling tool.

April Goals

I’m not sure why, but I’m really stuck on what I want my April goals to be. There are so many things that I’m working on, but it requires a lot of research and trial and error, which is hard for me to turn into goals right now. I’m specifically looking into email marketing and how to utilize my subscriber list to its full potential. Generally, I just want to keep going with a forward momentum. As long as I see increases in April, I’ll be happy!

Interested in starting your own blog? Head over to my post about how to start a new blog in three easy steps!

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Blog Income Report March 2018