De-Stress When Adulting Gets Too Hard

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De-Stress When Adulting Gets Too Hard

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You guys, there are days that I literally want to curl up in my mommy’s lap and cry because being an adult is way too hard sometimes. No one adequately prepares you for being in your early twenties, and I’m starting to believe it’s because no one can be adequately prepared for any stage of life (this is when I start sobbing). I keep hoping that all of this adult stuff will get easier, but so far, that’s a hard no.

I’ve done the stuff like learning how to budget and meal prep, and I still feel like I’m drowning sometimes. I’ve started to think that this feeling might never completely go away, so I have to find ways to de-stress and relax when all of this adulting is too hard. Here are some of my favorite ways to get through the days that I don’t want to be an adult anymore.

1. Take a Nap

I’m a huge fan of naps, and I think adult napping needs to be more widely accepted. We all work so hard and most of us don’t get enough sleep. You know what we all deserve? A nap. I can almost guarantee that if you’re having a rough adulting day, you’ll feel so much better after a long nap. At the very least, you’ve had an unconscious hour (or two) where you don’t have to think about how hard adulting is.

2. Blanket Burrito + TV

When I’m really struggling with adulting, I love becoming a burrito. Want to know how to accomplish this? Just get a super big blankie and wrap it completely around you. I leave a little gap for my face so that I can watch my favorite tv show while I’m being a burrito. If you need a SUPER great binge-worthy tv show to watch while you be a burrito, I highly recommend Schitt’s Creek (available on Netflix).

Also, if you need a super big blankie to be your personal tortilla, this one is my favorite and it’s really affordable for the size.

3. Buy Something

Okay, before anyone gets into the “retail therapy isn’t healthy” thing, hear me out. When adulting is really hard, I like to treat myself to something affordable that makes adulting a little easier. Don’t go blow your money on pointless stuff, because that makes adulting even harder! But find something small on your wishlist to treat yourself to.

Yesterday I was having a really rough adulting day. I took a nap, but I also bought myself new measuring cups. Most of our kitchen stuff is my husband’s from when he first moved out on his own, so the majority of my wishlist is kitchen related. The cost of my new measuring cups was roughly $6 and I was excited that I had new ones that don’t bend when I use them. It made me excited to cook or bake something, and it helped get me out of my adulting rut!

4. Get Some Exercise

Usually when someone mentions exercising to me, I want to groan and roll my eyes. On the other hand, when I’ve had a super rough adulting day, I love going for a walk or jog. I put my headphones in, turn on some serious rap music, and get moving. By the end of it, I usually feel so much better!

I’m lucky to have a great husband who’s understanding of my bad days. He’s always happy to handle the adulting stuff while I go exercise my stress away. There are also a lot of nights when he’s at the fire station and I’m on my own with the kiddo and dog. On those days, I put my kiddo in the jogging stroller and the dog on his leash and take them with me.

5. Shower + Mask + Comfy Clothes

Another one of my favorite ways to de-stress when adulting is too hard is to do some basic self care. I take a hot shower, but on my favorite charcoal mask, and get in my cleanest comfy clothes. I always feel better when my hair smells like roses, my skin is soft and glowing, and I’m wearing cozy clothes that smell like fresh laundry.

If you want your laundry to smell as good as it possibly can, you NEED these unstoppables. I’m obsessed with them, and I never do laundry without them!

Those are usually my go-to ways to de-stress when adulting is too hard. Am I missing anything? I’d LOVE to know how you get through rough adulting days! Share in the comments.

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5 Ways To De-Stress When Adulting Gets Too Hard