Basic Toddler Emergency Box

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I don’t keep a lot of useful things in my car, and it drives my husband CRAZY! He’s the always-prepared type and my version of a car emergency kit includes a sand bucket and my beach rain boots, just in case I make a spontaneous drive to the coast. Also, I think I have a half eaten bag of goldfish and a pair of socks in my glove box. The one super useful thing I do actually keep in my car is my toddler emergency box.

Lesson Learned

A couple of years ago when my kiddo was past the point of me carrying a full size diaper bag, we ended up in a situation that made me realize I needed a toddler emergency kit. He was never the type to have crazy messy diapers but one day when we were out running errands, he had a poopy diaper that covered the majority of him and his car seat. We ended up stopping at a store to buy extra clothes, wipes, towels, and cleaner.

This was a one off situation but it definitely made me realize that I could be more prepared if it were to happen again. There have been plenty of times he needed something and I had to find somewhere to stop to get it. Just this weekend I was changing his diaper while we were out running errands and he peed all over his shirt. Instead of having to buy new clothes or go home, I just used my emergency box.

Keeping It Basic

I like to keep my emergency box really basic so that it stays small and easy to update. I’ve thought about what challenges we’ve had when we’re out and don’t have something. Plus, I’ve thought about the things we’ve bought on a whim to make being out and about easier. Those are the two factors that have influenced what I put in our box. Here’s everything I keep in my super basic toddler emergency box:

 A Set of Jammies

This is one of the most important things I keep in the box. We’ve used our emergency jammies way too many times to count. Whether we’ve had potty incidents, spilled juice, or some other messy toddler situation… Extra jammies are a must have!

Extra Diapers & Wipes

I always keep 2-3 diapers and a travel pack of our favorite wipes in the box. I try to always bring diapers and wipes with me when I leave, but there’s plenty of times I end up running out or forgetting them.

Non-Perishable Snacks & Juice

I can’t tell you how many times we’ve had tantrums because my kiddo is hangry. I keep goldfish and raisins in our emergency box because they’re two of his favorites. I also keep an extra juice box in there for when he’s thirsty after the snack.


I keep a small bowl, spoon and fork, and extra sippy cup in my emergency box. All of these make eating out a lot easier for us. I don’t always plan ahead for eating out (which means I never do) so having these in the car all of the time makes me easily prepared for any restaurant.

Little Toys

This is less necessary than the other things, but I always keep a Little People in our box. My kiddo loves to put things in and take things out, so one Little People and the previously mentioned bowl can keep him occupied for a LONG time. It’s nice to have a distraction when we end up somewhere longer than planned.

Updating the Box

Every time I use something in the box, I make sure everything in there is up to date. Since I used his jammy shirt this weekend, I took the box inside and made sure the snacks and juice weren’t expired and the jammies were the right size. He just went through a growth spurt so I swapped the jammies for a size up. That way, if we need to use them in a couple of months, they’ll definitely be the right size.

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Don’t want to take the time to shop for everything or round up the things you already have on hand? Get the full list of everything you need on Amazon!

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These are my favorite things to keep in my toddler emergency box. They’re all affordable and get the job done when needed!

Is there anything else that you think is necessary in a toddler emergency kit? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I like to have a couple of band-aids. My kiddo loves them and sometimes if there is a small boo boo…it’s a good quick thing to have on hand.

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