Blog Income Report – January 2018

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I just wrapped up month three of blogging. My goals for this month were mainly focused on increasing my followers across social media and learning the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. Unfortunately I was seriously underwhelmed by the affiliate marketing course I signed up for, so I’m still working on learning how to use affiliate marketing most effectively on my blog. That being said, I seriously rocked my social media goals this month! Keep reading for my third month stats.

Blogging Month Three Stats

Here’s what my numbers looked like on December 31st:

Blog Posts: 29
Monthly Views: 2,757
Monthly Visitors: 2,128
Newsletter Subscribers: 175
Facebook Followers: 367
Pinterest Followers: 179
Twitter Followers: 274
Instagram Followers: 111

Here’s what my numbers looked like on January 31st:

Blog Posts: 34 (+5)
Monthly Views: 3,077 (+320)
Monthly Visitors: 2,381 (+253)
Newsletter Subscribers: 270 (+95)
Facebook Followers: 680 (+313)
Pinterest Followers: 390 (+211)
Twitter Followers: 448 (+174)
Instagram Followers: 316 (+205)

Holy cow, you guys! I focused SO HARD on increasing my followers this month and it totally paid off. I’m so excited about this growth and I can’t wait to see what my numbers are like throughout this next month. We’re only a couple of days into February and some of these numbers have already increased even more.

Blogging Revenue

Here’s what my blog income for December looked like:

Affiliate: $4.00
Ads: $2.58

Total: $6.58

Here’s what my blog income for January looked like:

Affiliate: $3.47 (-$0.53)
Adsense: $8.04 (+$5.46)
Shareaholic: $0.96 (+$0.96)

Total: $12.47 (+$5.89)

Okay, so this is another victory, even if it’s a small one! An increase is an increase, so I’ll happily celebrate it. My affiliate income decreased, but I actually had more affiliate sales at lower commission rates. Additionally, I made some changes to my Google Adsense ads and it seems to be working better than the two months prior. I use Shareaholic for my share buttons but I also just found out that it generates a small amount of revenue through promoted ads. Overall, I’d say this is definitely a win!

Blogging Expenses

Here are my blog expenses in December:

Affiliate Marketing eCourse: $105.00

Total: $105.00*

Here are my blog expenses in January:

Ecwid: $15.00
Boardbooster: $5.00
eBook: $35.00

Total: $55.00

*It’s really important to note that I was refunded for the affiliate marketing ecourse that I paid for last month. I invested in it because it’s a really highly recommended course, but I didn’t find it beneficial or very informative. That being said, I’m so glad that other people find it so beneficial for their blogs! The best thing that I got from it was that I should give Boardbooster a try.

I was hesitant to pay for Boardbooster because I felt like Tailwind was quite a letdown. Boardbooster definitely impressed me during my free trial, so I signed up for the monthly $5.00 plan. It’s made a huge difference for my Pinterest! I don’t have to spend nearly as much time manually pinning, and the automation of it has really increased my saved pins and my click through views. I’m going to end up increasing my plan, but I’m really glad I started with the $5.00 plan. If you’re interested in trying Boardbooster, you can sign up for a free trial through my affiliate link by clicking here. I definitely think it’s worth trying if you’re using Pinterest as a main source of blog traffic.

February Goals

One of my goals is to increase my blog posts to 42, which would be eight new posts. This would average two per week, which is what I’d like to be doing consistently.

Another one of my goals is to increase my Pinterest and Twitter followers to 500. A longer term goal that I’m keeping in mind is that I want to increase all of my social media followers to 1000.

Last but not least, I’ve set an affiliate income goal for $10.00, which feels like a stretch right now. The last three months I’ve made just about $4.00 per month, but I’m hoping that I can test some new strategies and increase this!

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