How To Have A Productive Day

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I know that I’m not alone when it comes to struggling with productivity. There are always at least ten things that need to be done in our house. Most of the time, I wake up on a weekend morning and have no motivation to do anything but cuddle with my kiddo and dog and watch cartoons. Some weekends I give in and totally do exactly that. To avoid doing this every weekend, I’ve figured out exactly what I need to do to have a productive day. Follow these steps and you’re sure to have a more productive day!

1. Self Care

Self care can be really hard when there are a lot of things to get done. It’s usually something I skip over when I’m feeling stressed about everything that’s on my list. However, this is my first step to a happily productive day. I make sure to take a shower, brush my teeth, put on clean clothes, and drink a cup of coffee before I do anything else. Sometimes I even catch up on a show on Hulu while I drink my coffee (crazy). This whole step usually takes an hour AT MOST and makes the entire difference for my day.

If I’ve already spent time taking care of myself, I’m much more likely to happily take care of all of the other things. Being freshly showered and wearing clean clothes (rather than the sweatshirt I’ve worn three evenings in a row) makes me feel so much better and gives me more motivation to get things done. It’s sort of like the oxygen mask on the airplane thing… Take care of yourself before taking care of everything else!

2. Make a List

This is my favorite part of being productive! I use the same task list that is in my store┬ábecause I think it’s really cute and it makes me excited to make my list. I start by just throwing everything that I need to do on the list in no particular order.

3. Prioritize

After I jot down everything I need to get done, I put a post it note on top of the list and write down my top three priorities. This is important because if I just follow the task list I made, then certain things won’t get done with the urgency they need. I don’t want to work on meal prep until my weekly discussion for school is completed. Meal prep doesn’t have a due date, but my weekly discussion definitely does!

Once I have my top three priorities figured out, I don’t work on anything else until those three are done! Once those are done, I start the post it note process over again.

I keep making a post it note with my top three priorities until my list is totally complete.

I use different symbols to keep track of my progress for each thing. Once something is started, I put a slash through the box. Once it’s complete, I fill the box in. The arrow in the box means that task is migrating to another day.

You can get this task list by clicking here!

5. Reward Yourself

Once I start getting stuff done, it makes me want to keep getting things done. That is, until I reach a certain point where I don’t want to get things done anymore. My solution is to take breaks and reward myself. Once I finish my priority post it note, I do something to reward myself for finishing my top three priorities before moving on to my next priority post it note. My reward depends on what those priorities are and how long they take to finish. They may vary from spending a few minutes scrolling through Pinterest to watching a short show on Hulu. Do whatever feels motivating for you, but make sure it helps you feel a little recharged by the end of it.

So those are my simple steps for having a productive day! Do you have productivity tips that always work for you? Share them in the comments!

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