Everyday Essentials for Toddlers

Having a toddler makes life feel like you’re being hit by a constant tornado. The good news is that being hit by a tornado is apparently very fulfilling when that tornado is your toddler. My kiddo just started preschool this year, and he goes back and forth between his grandma, his dad, and his nanny during the day. Most nights it’s just the two of us, and we run around and do a lot of errands together. My kiddo’s schedule would not be successful without the support of those who love us, or without our list of things we always have with us. Some of these things feel like lifesavers on a daily basis!

1. CamelBak Eddy Kids

This water bottle is my FAVORITE thing for my kiddo. I keep a Nalgene with me all of the time because it’s my constant goal to drink 64 oz. of water per day. Every time I open it, my kiddo promptly asks, “May I have a drink of water?” My Nalgene is one thing I don’t share with him because it’s way too big for him to hold or drink out of (even with help).

My solution is to always have his CamelBak Eddy with us. We’ve been using the Camelbak Eddy Kids for a few years and it’s never disappointed! He can hold it on his own, drink out of it on his own, and it doesn’t spill. The soft straw also made it a really easy transition from a sippy cup. It’s perfect for the car, long walks in the stroller, walking through the grocery store or mall, and sitting on the couch at home. I never have to worry about water puddles or wet t-shirts, and I don’t have to help him with it at all. I also love that they have cute designs on them, and CamelBak comes out with new ones quite often!

You can buy it on Amazon Prime (in 15+ designs!).

2. Snack Containers

There are two types of snack containers that I think are must haves. One is the Munchkin Snack Catcher. I often fill this with goldfish and give it to my kiddo when we’re on the go. I can put a snack in it, toss it in my purse, and head out without concern of a mess. It prevents spilling, which means that goldfish don’t spill in my bag and crumbs don’t get stuck in the seats of my car. The handles make it easy for my kiddo to hold with one hand and grab goldfish with the other hand. They also fit in the cup holder of his car seat, which is a nice bonus!

You can get it on Amazon.

The other type of snack container that is a must have is a multi compartment container. My kiddo can eat an endless amount of goldfish but every so often he wants something else. Also, if we’re heading out for a long day of errands, I like having more than one option for him. We have a few I like but my favorite is the Bentgo Kids Lunch Box. I love that it has five small compartments, so my kiddo can have a variety of snack options. It’s also leak proof as a whole, and for each individual compartment. My kiddo loves olives and pickles, and I always like knowing that the pickle juice isn’t going to leak into the pirate’s booty. Since it’s leak proof, I can fill it with snacks that are a bit more filling (and nutritious) than crackers, which is perfect for a long day out!

You can buy it on Amazon.

My favorite option that is more budget friendly is the Sugarbooger Good Lunch Bento Box. It has three larger compartments, and the container as a whole is leak proof. That being said, each compartment is not leak proof, so I usually only put dry snacks in this one. This seems to be a great option for a shorter outing. It’s also great if you’re wanting to pack a more filling lunch, since you can fit a sandwich or “main dish” plus two snacks in it.

You can get it on Amazon in a variety of patterns.

Want to know my favorite mom and toddler friendly snacks? Head here to find out!

3. 360 Sippy Cup

We could not live with these sippy cups! It took me so long to find a cup I liked for my kiddo, and I was so hesitant to try these, but it was like a miracle when I finally did! They are completely leak proof and they’re so easy for my kiddo to drink out of. I love that he can drink from any side of it because it makes it a lot easier for him. We prefer the ones with handles because it’s easier for him to tip it when he’s in his car seat. We use these for juice and milk (his CamelBak is ONLY for water). I always keep one in the car so that I can fill it at any point. I like it so much better than juice boxes because it’s more eco-friendly to have a reusable cup, plus I don’t have to worry about spilling in the car or on the couch.

There are so many different brands of these but my favorites are the Munchkin and Sassy ones.

Pro tip for the Munchkin brand 360 cups: The smaller ones have lids with handles, while the larger ones do not have handles. The lids are completely interchangeable though, so we use the handle lids with the larger cups so that he has more juice available to him.

The Sassy cups also have handles on the small cups, and no handles on the large cups. The downside is that the handles are not interchangeable.

You can buy a two count of the small Munchkin cups or you can buy a two count of the large Munchkin cups on Amazon.

You can buy a single small Sassy cup or you can buy a two count of the large Sassy cups on Amazon.

4. The North Face Backpack

My doesn’t really go anywhere without his backpack. It’s a toddler-sized North Face backpack that all of his accessories go in. His water bottle, snacks, sippy cups (empty & full), blanket, extra clothes, diapers, wipes, and everything else always go in his backpack and come with us. This backpack is super sturdy, can fit A LOT inside of it, and he can carry it on his own. The chest buckle makes sure that the straps don’t slip off his little shoulders. I love this backpack because it eliminates the need for a diaper bag, reduces the amount of things in my purse, and is a one stop shop for all of the things he could need or want while we’re out.

There are so many options for toddler-sized backpacks, but the North Face Youth Recon one is my favorite. It has multiple compartments, two cup holders, the chest strap (a must!), and glow in the dark zippers (convenient in a dark car).

You can buy it on Amazon. You can also get a smaller version on Amazon. The smaller version still has multiple compartments, two cup holders, and the chest strap is velcro instead of clip, which is easier for little fingers!

What are your must haves for your toddler? Is there anything I left out? I’d love to know what you think!

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  1. Love this post and could relate so much to my toddler, wherein his sippy cup and snack boxes are a must wherever I go! These things just make life more comfortable with small kids.

  2. This is cool stuff for the kids to have. They absolutely cant do without them, especially their bottles and tiffin boxes. Parents really need to keep them occupied with all these stuff.

  3. When my boys were little these were definitely must have essentials in our house. These are great suggestions for parents of littles.

  4. I love how sturdy that backpack is! I’ve been searching for a bag that my little cousin can use for sleepovers to carry her toys and clothes and think that one looks so roomy. I can’t get over how cute those sippy cups are!

  5. I can’t believe they have so many toddler sized backpacks. Definitely interesting. And the cups would have been cool to have when my daughter was younger. She would love liked that.

  6. I love this especially that backpack, great list I have a nephew 6-year-old nephew who I am taking on a mini break with me and we will look into these.

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