My Favorite Mom & Toddler Friendly Snacks

I don’t know about your kiddo, but mine always wants to eat whatever I’m eating. Over the last couple of years, I’ve learned that it’s way easier for me to just eat toddler friendly foods, instead of trying to give my kiddo something different.

You might have read my recent blog post about trying to learn how to cook… Part of the reason why I’ve never felt the need to cook is because I LOVE SNACKS. Snacking is horribly fulfilling for me, and I generally think snacks are tastier than actual meals. Also, my appetite is rarely big enough for a full meal, so I prefer small snacks throughout the whole day.

My favorite kinds of snacks are basically anything this is somewhat healthy, and more importantly… bite size! Once my kiddo wanted to eat everything I ate, I had to figure out ways to make my favorite bite size snacks toddler friendly. Here is my go to list now:

1. Goldfish

Goldfish are my favorite snack of all time. They’re a little bit salt, have a short list of ingredients that I can pronounce, and (most importantly) are bite size! This is a snack that I love to share with my kiddo, and it’s fun for him to pick out what goldfish he wants when we go to the store. He’s a big fan of the baby fish and the rainbow fish! I love Goldfish enough (and I get hangry enough) that my husband even keeps an “emergency” supply of my favorite kind in his Jeep for when we’re out and I really need a snack. I also keep little containers of them in my emergency kiddo box in my car, so when he starts getting hangry, we always have a snack with us.

2. Apples & Peanut Butter

My son has been obsessed with apples since he started eating solids, and one of my favorite snacks is apple slices dipped in peanut butter. When we made the switch from applesauce to apple chunks, I quickly learned my kiddo could not handle the skin of apples at all (and still can’t years later). To make apples snack friendly for him, I peel them with a potato peeler before slicing them.

Don’t have a potato peeler? Just use a knife and slice the skin off in a spiral! 

When he was younger, I would cut the slices into bite size chunks for him. Now, he doesn’t have an issue just taking bites of the slices. I got away with not sharing the peanut butter when he was small, but now I let him dip his apples also.

Are you or your kiddo allergic to peanut butter? Or is your kiddo too little for peanut butter? Try dipping apples in a yummy greek yogurt!

3. Grapes

I love to snack on crisp red grapes, but they’re a huge choking hazard for kids. I used to spend time cutting up all of the grapes into quarters for us, but then I found the most incredible thing… a grape slicer! This thing makes it so much easier (and quicker) for my kiddo and I to snack on grapes.

4. Cucumber Coins

I love cutting mini cucumbers into “coins” to snack on. I actually I actually take this to work every day before I love them that much. My kiddo also loves cucumbers (he can eat an entire English cucumber in one sitting) so this is another snack we have together. When he was smaller, I’d cut his coins in quarters so they were more bite size for him. We dip our cucumbers in ranch dip or in hummus, and we usually alternate to avoid getting tired of them, since we eat cucumbers so often.

5. Fruit Snacks

We love fruit snacks in our house! My favorite are the organic Annie’s bunnies, and I love that I can get a big box of them at Costco or Amazon for the same price as three little boxes at the grocery store. I personally love my fruit snacks frozen, but my kiddo’s teeth are obviously not ready for that, so I grab a bag of frozen ones for me, and a bag from the cupboard for him. I don’t trust him to not get fruit snacks stuck to the floor, the dog’s fur, or inside the couch, so every time I eat a fruit snack, I stick one in his mouth also. So far he hasn’t noticed that our bags are different!

Those are my go to snacks for my kiddo and me. Even on our pickiest days, we can always win with one of those! What are your go to mommy and toddler snacks? I’d love ideas of what I could add to my list!

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